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Corbett National Park at Uttarakhand, North India is a protected bio-sphere and is one of the last remaining natural habitats of the famed Bengal Tiger.


Corbett holds a special place in the history of wildlife conservation in India since it was here that the very concept of ‘wildlife conservation’ was born.


Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, in the newly created state of Uttarakhand, Corbett National Park is a haven for both wildlife & wildlife lovers in India. The present area of the Corbett park is 1318.54 sq. km. including 520 sq. km. of core area of and 797.72 sq. km. of buffer area. Corbett Park is one of India’s most beautiful wildlife areas and has a tiger population of around 160, which makes this park the last and the most important bastion of this endangered species in India. Corbett Park is home to numerous other species of fauna. The rich biodiversity of the park is a perfect place for bird enthusiasts; the area is considered one of the best bird-watching areas in India, with some 600 plus species having been sighted in the park. The different habitat types of Corbett Park i.e. mountains, Sal forests, chaurs (grasslands), khair-sissoo forests and rivers have their distinct assemblage of plants and support unique wildlife seen only in India. The most visible trees found in Corbett Park are Sal, Sissoo and Khair. Many other species that contribute to the diversity are found scattered throughout the Corbett park. Chir Pine is the only conifer of the Park and is found on ridge-tops. The upper reaches near Kanda ridge have Oak growing, which is essentially a Himalayan species. Other major tree species seen in and around Corbett park are Bel, Kusum, Mahua, Bakli.


A Brief History of Corbett National Park:

  • ● Private property of local rulers. Till 1820
  • ● Ownership passed into British hands. 1820- 1850
  • ● Forests mercilessly felled for timber by British rulers. 1858
  • ● Plan drawn up for protecting the forests. 1879
  • ● Declared as reserved forests. 1884
  • ● Jim Corbett shoots his first leopard. 1900-1910
  • ● Jim Corbett leads shikar parties and kills two man-eaters.1910
  • ● Jim Corbett gives up killing as mere sport and becomes the savior of the villagers, Defending them from man-eaters.1934
  • ● The Park is declared a National Park and Corbett helps define the boundaries.1935-1936
  • ● It was set up as the first National Park under United Provinces National Parks Act. It was named the Hailey National Park, after Sir Malcolm Hailey, the Governor of United Provinces.1954
  • ● With independence it was renamed as the Ramganga National Park.1955
  • ● Jim Corbett died at Nyeri, Kenya 1957
  • ● The park is renamed in honour of his memory. 1973
  • ● The Park becomes the first Tiger Reserve of India under Project Tiger.1974
  • ● Inauguration of Tiger Project.1986
  • ● Corbett National park celebrates its Golden Jubilee.1996
  • ● Diamond Jubilee of its existence as Corbett national park.1998
  • ● Year of Project Tiger. 9 Nov. 2000
  • ● Became part of Uttaranchal and now Uttarakhand state.


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Team Corbett The Grand



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