About us

Resort with Swimming Pool in Corbett

Our resort is a product of our love for Kumaun and its unique culture. In every aspect of our resort, you shall find a touch of our concern for the local ecosystem and traditions. Our resort is run by passionate hotel professionals with many years of experience in operating top-end resorts, particularly in the Corbett region.


We therefore understand the finer nuances of operating a resort of this scale in such a sensitive zone and take our responsibility very seriously. We endeavour to make enthralling experiences possible to each and every guest every single time.


Every team member in the resort proudly puts in hours of hard work, often in challenging conditions only to put a smile across your face. The precious little gift that we seek from each of our guests!

It is our distinct pleasure to welcome you to Corbett The Grand. The Only, Truly Grand Resort in Corbett National Park.




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